Felt Roofing

Quality felt roofing that lasts

What We Do

Our felt roofing roofing is installed very meticulously. We take the time to make sure your felt roof looks great and remains intact for years to come. Low quality felt roof installation allows water to permeate through joins, whilst our felt roofs are carefully assembled, ensuring all gaps and joins are securely sealed. A watertight room is extremely important, and that's what we provide, every time.

Excellent Service

We'll work with you to get the outcome you require. Whether it be installing a new felt roof or replacing an existing one, we will work quickly and efficiently to get your roof installed to the highest quality. We pride ourselves on our friendly and helpful service, always keeping you in the loop, so you maintain control of how your project goes. For a seamless and enjoyable felt roof installation, contact Felgate Family Building & Roofing.

Why Choose Us

  • Carefully sealed to prevent leaks
  • Seamless installation, replacement or repairs
  • An outcome that will last
  • A service that is hassle free and friendly
  • Support and advice from the start

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